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UTP - the beginning of the new academic year - Bydgoszcz / Poland


In the life of many young people, another very important stage of their life begins - taking up studies. These few years spent learning and gathering new experiences will largely affect their future. And this private and professional one.

Thanks to the kindness of the University of Technology and Life Sciences in Bydgoszcz, we had the opportunity to participate in the inauguration of the new academic year.

These young people will shape their future, but also their broadly understood environment. And that was the reason for our "visit". Using our previous experiences from campaigns promoting recycling and re-use of proverbial waste, we presented our 3 unusual chairs made of plastic bottles, cardboard and rolls from stretch film. And although they all serve to sit, they differ from each other in the shape and type of material from which they were made. It is very similar to the knowledge we gain, for example, in studies. Whether and to what extent we will want to or could use it, depends on ourselves. It's the same for all of us as it is for a couple or a dozen years, the environment in which we live will look. Will we destroy and litter them irretrievably? Will animals and nature be viewed only in photographs and documentary films? Will we only bathe in the bath instead of the sea? What will we leave for future generations?

Let's use our knowledge and experience to build a better tomorrow.

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