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KAYAKMANIA - "eco" zone - Bydgoszcz / Poland


After last year's success of "Kayakmania", which took place in Pieczyska, this time the second edition took place in Bydgoszcz on the Mill Island.

This is an event for those who never sailed on a kayak and wanted to try. For those, they know the taste of canoeing and wanted to take part in the various competitions proposed by the organizer. And there were a lot of them, races from children, through dragon boat races, kayak-bicycle biking finishing at the ultra marathon. An honorable guest of the event was a kayak legend, a man who alone sailed Atlantic by kayak - Aleksander Doba.

Great interest was also the attempt to break the Guinness record in the number of kayaks participating in the parade, which was successful, setting a new record in the number more than 300.

But apart from kayaks and what is on the water, a lot has happened on land. For children and adults.

And it happened that at the request of the organizer of Kayakmania I became the person responsible for organizing the "eco" zone. Together, we came to the conclusion that it is a good moment to remind guests that it is important to take care of our environment and not littering, among others rivers and lakes and places where we relax by the water.

Using our favorite material, i.e. used plastic bottles, we prepared a mini exhibition and showed how we can reuse them and what you can do with them. What can you do? With a little ingenuity and creativity, you can really do a lot. Only the imagination limits us. And ours allowed us to build a small modular house and equip it with furniture, including armchairs, sofa and table. Those who were willing to undergo "training" and built with us bowls for sitting, which they could take with them. And based on the experiences from our The Great Bottle Race we organized similiar bottle race. 4 teams started, which using the strength of human muscles and shafts from the blades and plastic boards for cutting vegetables as paddles fought a fierce competition for the victory.

I also invited companies that work on this subject every day.

  • Pronatura has sent Ekobus equipped with computers with dedicated educational programs, an interactive board, digital microscopes, a model of a waste incineration plant, a bicycle stand with dynamo for charging a mobile phone or a station for waste segregation.
  • Remondis presented unusual garbage containers and its own product, which was 100% made of biodegradable waste. It is an organic agent that improves the soil properties of REVITA, which can be used for arable crops, orchards, lawns, ornamental plants and vegetables, and for the rehabilitation of degraded areas.
  • The Rekopol stand is ecological talks, contests and presentations showing the way of packaging from the product to the new recycled product. It was in order to increase the amount of PET bottles collected and recycled, the initiative "Act with imPET!" was created.

We are tired, but very satisfied, because during these two days a lot of people passed through our "eco" zone. We were visited by volleyball players KS Pałac Bydgoszcz, basketball players Artego Bydgoszcz Julie McBride and Elżbieta Międzik. We've built ... I do not even know how many puffs to sit on.But the greatest satisfaction is the opinions and praise of those who visited us. We hope very much that we have not inspired one person to do similar activities and try to build various kinds of rubbish.

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