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III NGO'S PICNIC - bottle helicopter - Bydgoszcz / Poland


Another edition of the Picnic of Non-Governmental Organizations organized by

and more and more of those who want to show Bydgoszcz inhabitants what they are doing for others. And that's a lot of it. Mill Island filled up with stands, performances, shows, contests and one great fun.

As usual, we combined several threads. First of all, we presented our latest water and air vehicle, i.e. a helicopter, which will take off in the Great Bottle Race in a week. It was also a great opportunity to show that the garbage we throw away can be used in a different, creative and useful way, because we also had an armchair. Of course, made of plastic bottles.

The greatest fun had the kids who sat our helicopter and the particular interest was the dummy of the control panel with different buttons and other "devices". For a change, parents were watching the way the bottled chair was made.

Mission acomplished and we hope we were inspired by our viewers.

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