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THE GREAT BOTTLE RACE 2018 - qualification - Bydgoszcz / Poland


The Mill Island has once again seen the qualification for THE GREAT BOTTLE RACE.

The starting teams had to have equal chances, and therefore the organizers, as usual, prepared two identical boats, of course made of plastic bottles, and for the paddles they used shovels and plastic boards for cutting vegetables.

The winner of the qualification will complete the stake of 17 teams, which on June 24, 2018 will take part in THE GREAT BOTTLE RACE, which will take place for the 10th time as part of the annual event "Ster na Bydgoszcz" organized by the Municipal Office of Bydgoszcz.

In today's qualifying the teams of the National Center for Agricultural Support and their competitors hiding under the mysterious name AMARENSI have faced.

The weather was good, the boats and paddles were the same, the kapokas for safety were dressed, i.e. boats were to be launched, jumped on them and ... win the competition. Well, but you know that none of the teams will give up so easily. The fight took place at a distance from the Lovers' Ponds to the Marina and the winners were to give a taste of what awaits them in THE GREAT BOTTLE RACE. To rule out the element of randomness, we have determined that the fight will go to 2 wins.

From the point of view of competition, it was also interesting that both teams had exactly the same composition, that is, the girl and 3 boys, so there were equal opportunities here.

The AMARENSI team won quite strongly and it will take part in this year's THE GREAT BOTTLE RACE. And today's rivals did not look down upon leaving the water and said they had such a good time that they would be happy to try their hand also next year.

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