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XX SPRING ON WYZYNY - a festivities of Housing Cooperative Budowlani Budowlani - Bydgoszcz / Poland


For the 20th time, Spółdzielnia Mieszkaniowa BUDOWLANI organized a spring festival in Wyżyny. An additional opportunity to celebrate together was the 60th anniversary of the founding of the SMB.

The organizers took care of many attractions for children and adults.

With great pleasure we accepted the invitation and using our experience we presented 2 very important topics. With the help of our "magic" tube, we convinced all the participants of the festival whether and why we should wear reflectives. By the way, we handed out our reflective fellows. And the second important topic was the problem of environmental protection, and more specifically what happens to the rubbish, which we all "produce" in unbelievable amounts and whether they can be used somehow, means what we know about recycling. We showed how from used plastic bottles to make, for example, sitting poufs or piggy banks. And this was just a small example of how we can make the proverbial rubbish a "second life".

And using the Best-Pol company hot glue gun we "produced" a large number of flowers from nuts and straws.

I hope that our visit will convince some people that it is worth to wear reflectives and be visible after dusk, and others have inspired to produce their own furniture or other "cudaches".

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