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YOU SEGREGATE WASTE-YOU GAIN - ecological festin - Bydgoszcz / Poland


A bubble show, zumba shows, a photo booth, artistic performances, contests and many other attractions awaited the youngest at an ecological festival organized by the City of Bydgoszcz. 

In addition, anyone who brought sorted rubbish could exchange them for plants.

It is impossible to list all the attractions that were waiting not only for Bydgoszcz, because a lot was happening.

And we supported our knowledge and experience with the presentation of exhibitions made by us, at the request of the Municipal Office of Municipal Waste Management Office of the City of Bydgoszcz, furniture made of plastic bottles. There were armchairs, a couch, tables, sunbeds, seat cushions, piggy-banks and flowers.

During the "assembly" of piggy banks and flowers, the Best-Pol company hot gun and glue were invaluable

As usual, the interest was huge, many people did not expect that the used bottles could be exchange, for example, in furniture. For most, the surprise was that you can use them and do not fall apart. As part of the workshop, we showed how to make eg. puffs.

The important thing was that most people realized in such an unusual way how big the problem is the garbage that we all "produce", but also that we do not have to throw them away, just give them a second life and make something useful out of them.

And for us the greatest satisfaction was the talks with those we were inspired and who declared that they would try to do something by themselves. We keep our fingers crossed and look forward to the results of their work with great anticipation.

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