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REFLECTIVES DON'T SUCK - bus presentation - Lodz / Poland


You can say that Łódź

this is our little jubilee, because it is already the 15th city that we visit with our campaign promoting reflectives. And a lot of people from the City of Lodz Office supported us with the help and valuable remarks.

Thanks to the Municipal Transport Company

on the streets of Lodz for the next six months you can see a specially marked bus, which is a peculiar showcase of our joint action.

We are also very happy to cooperate with the Provincial Police Headquarters and the International Police Association and hope that our "magical" tubes will make their day-to-day work more attractive and help convince children, but also young people and adults, to wear flares.

Well, what are these "magic" tubes? It is a simple device that in a very simple, but also very effective way shows whether and why you should wear reflectivens. Because the problem with it is not that they do not exist. On the contrary. They have been distributed nationwide literally in millions and the biggest problem is that most of us have them, but we do not wear them. You can ask an obvious question - why? The answers are often hmm ... surprising, for example, it does not concern us, such things do not happen to us, and even that they make us thicker !!! Which is an obvious untruth. And even the smallest reflective can save our or other road users lives.

We must also be aware that being "invisible" we can become a victim as well as an involuntary culprit.

But it should also be said that just only reflectives will not solve problems on our roads and streets. Remember that we all, regardless of whether we are pedestrians, cyclists or car drivers, have our rights, but also duties. Let's respect each other, let us be more kind and understanding to ourselves. Let's not bid who in one situation or another was more or less guilty. Before we start demanding from others, let's start with ourselves first.

I would like to thank very much the companies that made this unique project possible. The more so because they supported the initiative in a virtual sense. Because what is safety? You can not weigh it, touch it, show it. But the belief that thanks to such joint actions we can save someone's life turned out to be greater than the desire to gain tangible benefits.

Unique thanks to Omnidruk, which from the very beginning supports our actions and thanks to which we can distribute our reflective dudes.

And finally, thanks to the AT Studio Advertising Agency for a great job in designing the graphics and covering the bus.

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