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REFLECTIVES DON'T SUCK - homeless - Bydgoszcz / Poland


Every occasion is good to promote the wearing of reflections and this is another joint action that we carry out with the Caritas of the Bydgoszcz Diocese and the Provincial Police Headquarters in Bydgoszcz.

There is no better or worse, richer and poorer. In the dark, on the roads and streets, we are all equal. Either visible or not. And if we are invisible, each of us can be a victim of an accident or its perpetrator.

Homeless - sometimes by their own choice, more often not by their own fault. And often left alone. For them, every gesture and awareness that someone thought about them is important.

The winter period is a great challenge for them. We have great satisfaction that we have done something together - Caritas, supporting them spiritually and feed them, the Police convincing us to ask for help in any situation and we are talking about the need to wear  the reflectives and be visible and safe.

Someone will say that this is not much, but for them every gesture is of great importance and they value it very much.

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