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RENOVATION AND RECYCLING - an open door at the LLoyd Factory - Bydgoszcz / Poland


Renovation and recycling - it means something different, but also have a lot in common. Both have the same beginning of RE and both can give a second life.Thanks to the great commitment of Mr. Lukasz Glinski, the owner of the company

the building of the former LLoyd Factory has undergone RENOVATION and slowly regains its former splendor. The owner still has a lot of work and expenses to complete this process, but after the effects of the work already carried out we can be calm about the final result.

Thanks to kindness of Mr. Lukasz Glinski, we "added" the topic of RECYCLING and the huge problem of modern civilization, that is segregation of rubbish. Our small exhibition of furniture made of plastic bottles symbolically showed how we can re-use something that most of us simply throws away.

And despite the fact that the scale is different, the renovation of a large building and the recycling of small bottles, we do exactly the same - we give a second life, to what we all encourage.

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