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REFLECTIVES DON'T SUCK - bus presentation - Gniezno / Poland


Gniezno - the first capital of Poland. It is our next bus stop and 14th city, where we convince that REFLECTIVES DO NOT SUCK.

The action takes place under the honorary patronage of the President of Gniezno

and symbolically "launched" a press conference combined with the presentation of an unique bus, which for the needs of the action was made available by the Gniezno MPK.

I think everything has been said about the reflectives and millions have been distributed in the country. Exactly ... just so much of the fact that they were handed out, since most of us do not use them, because as we have heard many times, "this does not apply to us." And that's why our goal is to change the mentality of people and "reprogram" their thinking, to realize that wearing reflectors really improves the visibility and safety of not only those who wear them, but also other road users.

You probably wonder how we want to do it? We will use our "magic" tubes, already proven in previous actions, which in a very simple but very effective way shows how someone who wears reflections looks after the dark and what does not look like. Tubes have already hit in the hands of the Gniezno Police and Municipal Police

and soon children from kindergartens and primary schools will have the opportunity to see by themselves that it is worth to wear reflections.

We also want to draw attention to this problem not only to children, but also to adolescents and adults, because they are the largest contributors to accidents. And that's why the tubes "went" to other companies and institutions.

Of course, reflections are only a part of widely understood security and will not guarantee 100% of this security. This is an important part of it, but we must to remember that all of us drivers, cyclists and pedestrians have their RIGHTS, but also OBLIGATIONS. If we demand something from others, let's start with ourselves.

I would like to thank very much all those ones without whom this action would not have been carried out.

The Advertising Agency Protective - thank you for the graphic side and the "decor" of the bus.

I hope that thanks to this joint action and further actions, the inhabitants of Gniezno and its surroundings will shine with a good example and reflections, because THE REFLECTIVES DO NOT SUCK.

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