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SAFE CHILD- CALM MOM - workshops in Galeria Pomorska - Bydgoszcz / Poland


Another opportunity to visit the hospitable gates of Galeria Pomorska

there are workshops for mums and their children "Safe child - calm mom" taking place within the cyclic action "Woman in the Gallery".

Police officers from the Department of Minorities and Pathology of the Prevention Unit of the Provincial Police Headquarters in Bydgoszcz

discussed about very important but often overlooked issues that should know mothers and their consciences at different ages:

  • cyberbullying - forms and ways of acting
  • child in the network - rules of responsible use of the Internet and modern technologies
  • contemporary drugs - how to recognize them
  • how to feel safe at home, at school, on the street

Fun and games with attractive prizes were prepared by Studio Pi-Art.

And guess who got the manual classes using the reflective spray? This was obviously our "job", because for years we have been promoting wearing reflectives.
Great thanks for the support to Toys4boys, which is a distributor of the feedback sprays.

Together with the kids using pre-prepared templates we marked the sports bags founded by Galeria Pomorska. There are stars, triangles, circles, squares and reflective dudes. It was very reflective.

And after successful and interesting workshops, we are getting smarter and safer back home.

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