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REFLECTIVES DON'T SUCK - bus prezentation - Pila / Poland


We've been going lately. Today here, tomorrow there. And today, it was Piła and the presentation of the next bus in the series "Reflectives don't suck".

And again as in previous cities we hit a company that immediately "bought" our idea and showed great affection by passing the bus for this unique action. Of course, this company is the Municipal Communication Station in Piła

What is in this action different from other types and why is it unique?
Because we do not just want to give away more reflectives, which in most cases will "land" in closets or drawers. First and foremost, we want to change the mentality of people and how they perceive security issues on our roads and streets. It's easy to say but how to do it? A couple of years ago we came up with something that we called perverse "magic" tubes. It shows in a very simple but very effective way why we should wear reflectives. We all know that, but we often hear that "it is not about us". And most often they are adults, ie people who have children and grandchildren and which should give a good example. But the truth is that until we encounter misfortune we treat this topic as something virtual. We know that misfortune can happen to us, but ... well, what then? Then unfortunately it is too late.

Therefore, our tubes will reach different institutions that deal with broadly understood security, ie. in the hands of the Police

and this means that you will soon see them in Pila schools and kindergartens.

But it is not the only place where you can check the symbolic "magic" of our tubs, because thanks to the cooperation and great support of the Sponsors it will be possible also in companies

Thank you very much, because thanks to your involvement and support, this unique action could be realized.

I would also like to thank the Kameleon Advertising Agency for the mobility, creativity and graphic support of our activities.

Be visible, be safe, because REFLECTIVES DON'T SUCK.

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