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BOTTLE RACE - the race - Maamoura / Tunisia


We were all waiting for the better weather and finally this long awaited day came ...

It was a unique race - for the first time cooperation with other organizers, for the first time in another country, for the first time at open sea. Challenge and more challenges, but also huge satisfaction, because everything went better than I expected.

But as it says "there must always be some but ...". This time it was nature that decided not to make our life easier. Temperatures in excess of 40 degrees certainly did not help at work, and that was a lot. But the biggest problem turned out to be the wind, which did not allow the race to be played at the originally planned date and that meant that unfortunately I did not watch it live, because I had to return to Poland. And now I have to wait for the next opportunity, hahaha ...

The work I have done here and the experience of the previous Bydgoszcz races have really worked great. The boats were tough, the crews were happy, the organizers were satisfied with the great interest of the race, the local community and the national media.

And soon another race in Korba.

What more do I want? Come back here at least once more J

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