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THE GREAT BOTTLE RACE 2015 - The Race - Bydgoszcz / Poland


For the eighth time held in Bydgoszcz 3-day event "Your heading Bydgoszcz".

It already inscribed on a permanent basis, not only in Bydgoszcz landscape. Plenty of activities for children, youth and adults, concerts, contests, fun - took care of it all organized by Bydgoszcz City Hall.

We are associated with this event almost from the very beginning and this year for the seventh time we organized The Great Bottle Race. We have a great satisfaction, it becomes every year more and more attraction and more and more teams want to compete in this uniquel competition. Why unique? Referring because all the teams get the same amount and the same materials and independently design, build their own boats, which later are racing.

We are delighted that we have the support of great sponsnors, without whose help we would have been much more difficult. Thank you :)


This year's edition was unique in many ways.
Since the interest was so big and took off 18 teams, for the first time in the history of our race start took place in 2 rows. This little worried us, but there were no major problems.

The start also had its own attraction and this year was her captain "Your heading on Bydgoszcz". A man who solo crossed the Atlantic with canoe, and who received the title of Traveler of the Year 2015 awarded by the prestigious magazine National Geographic. In a word, he gave the signal to start - Aleksander Doba.

Other attraction was its coverage of the race from the decks of drones. We were particularly keen to funs, who were on Mill Island, also be able to watch the course of the competition. And it worked. "Lve" broadcast fans viewed on a big screen set near the scene. And all this we owe a great team

The competition this year was fought in stages.
We started the Facebook competition "We vote for the coolest boat from plastic bottles". We have prepared for all teams the special fanpages and the week before the race teams put there some  posts, photos and videos trying to persuade Internet users to vote for their masterpieces. The competition was very fierce, because from the beginning "jumped" clearly 2 teams Lyoness Poland and Fort Poland. The leader changed several times a day and the battle lasted until the very end, but ultimately the title of the coolest boat team won the team of Fort Poland.

On the next contest, which took place just before the race it was sooooo loud. Why? Because teams and fans gathered and choose a boat that they prefer by screaming, stomping, whistling - in a word making noise. We measured noise level with a special device with an accuracy of 0.1 dB. In this contest proved to be unbeatable team Lyoness Poland, which "generated" noise levels of 118.6 decibels.

And finally came the time for decisive battle, means boats on the water.
Start as every year, was on the barge Lemara and finish at the height of the Mill Island. The fight for the best place was fought along and across Brda River. The teams took smaller and bigger crises, but bravely overcame them. The race even though as a short distance, does not so easy. Even and therefore that the teams run against the stream. Luckily they all arrived to the finish and the final standings are as follows:
1. Belma Accessories Systems
2. Calisthenics Academy
3. Remondis Bydgoszcz
4. Horus Innovative Industrial Materials
5. Cold Water
6. Lyoness Poland
7. Bydgoszcz Entrepreuners
8. Bydgoszcz City Hall
9. Societies "Budowlani"
10. ProNatura
11. Atos IT
12. Kazimierz The Great University
13. Municipal Water Supply and Sewerage
14. Fort Poland
15. University of Technology and Life Sciences
16. Slawek & Friends and Galeria Pomorska
17. Wyborcza Newspaper
18. TVP Bydgoszcz

Teams except the commemorative diplomas and gadgets donated by the City of Bydgoszcz received also unusual commemorative cups printed in 3D technology by CADMARIO and sponsored by Galeria Pomorska.

The safety of all competing teams watched as usual invaluable WOPR.

Great setting and an avenue of oars during the launching teams made a team of young rowers from the Bydgostia Rowing Club.

They are with us almost from the beginning and logisticly support us:

Many thanks to all teams - designers, builders and flowing stuff. You deserve all the huge applause. Every year surprise us with their ingenuity, so that your designs are becoming more sophisticated.
One of the main objectives of the race was to have fun. I experienced this year by rail superb adventure with you and have a great fun at the same time. I hope that you too and together we gave the fans an unforgettable experience serving.
Until the next race ...

Watching this year's accounts, remember how it was in previous years: 201420132012, 2011, 2010 i 2009.

And finally a big thank you for companies and institutions that have helped us in the preparation:




And already at the end of topic is not directly related to The Race, but very important for all of us - namely the visibility and safety on the road. Together with more than 20 companies and institutions we realize the project "Visible - safe in Bydgoszcz" which has received funding from the Government Programme for the Restriction of Crime and antisocial behavior "Together safe".

This project aims to promote the wearing the reflectives and therefore on some boats appeared reflective elements and the event itself was a good excuse to crowds of fans who came to give out the reflectives and encouraged to wear it.


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