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II NGO PICNIC - bottle sun loungers - Bydgoszcz / Poland

There were stands of non-governmental organizations, various shows, dances, contests and performances, there was a hat-makers march, there were 11 orchestras and ... we were.This time we showed our next work, that is, sun loungers and plungers made of our favorite material, means plastic bottles. Building something like that is of course a challenge, but fun as well. But also what we call "seco...   [more]

TOGETHER WITH PROFILACTICS FOR HEALTH - Housing Council of Kapusciska fest - Bydgoszcz / Poland

On Sunday, June 4, this time in the Kapuściska Housing Council, a cyclical "Together with Prevention for health" was held, under the theme "Holiday Family Run". The route followed the paths of the forest on Kombatanow and Szpitalna Streets. It was the last edition before the holiday - organizers, however, are already announcing the resumption of racing after the summer break. It was not a...   [more]

BE TOGETHER - Caritas' picnic - Bydgoszcz / Poland

Caritas Diocese of Bydgoszcz once againorganized a family picnic for children and their carers.There were many attractive draws on the stage and many other attractions were waiting outside the stage. The Regional Blood Donor and Blood Donor Center organized a blood donation campaign, "Give a Drop of Love." The fire brigade has prepared rescue demonstrations and a fire engine, its interior and i...   [more]

THE GREAT BOTTLE RACE - qualification - Bydgoszcz / Poland

Boats made from plastic bottles, adhesive tapes and stretch foils, and paddles from plastic trays for cutting vegetables and shovels are just some of the challenges that awaited the daredevil, who competed in The Big Bottle Race, to be held as part of the jubilee X edition of “Your heading to Bydgoszcz". Bobby Burger, SM Budowlani, Amarensi, Charter Land, X Team, Sea Wild, and Interac...   [more]

FIRST CIECHOCINEK SENIOR'S DAY - senior's festival - Ciechocinek / Poland

Ciechocinek is a spa town, which is visited by many patients wanting to improve their health. Among them are many older people. That is why, in co-operation with the City Council of Seniors and Housing Cooperatives, it was decided to organize a festival for seniors. And those living in Ciechocinek and visitors of Ciechocinek.On the scene in the city park there were dance and vocal ens...   [more]

ACTIVE BEACH - family fest - Przyjezierze / Poland

The weather has not lasted much lately, and I was more afraid to look out the window as I awoke and ... I was relieved.This time we went with our friends from the "Big Family Foundation" for a visit to Przyjezierze.The beach was quickly filled with participants in Nordic walking and cycling trail. Those who decided to stay on site could choose other attractions - rope dragging contest, smiley f...   [more]

EASTER 2017 - sweets collection - Bydgoszcz / Poland

It is becoming increasingly difficult to find helpers at our annual collecting, but fortunately they have found it. There were nerves and moods, but we finally got up and ... it gone.First and foremost, as traditionally great thanks to the supermarkets of Biedronka and Sanobecause it was in these supermarkets it was our 22nd collection.As usual, we could count on the help of our friends from th...   [more]

REFLECTIVES DON'T SUCK - bus presentation - Brodnica / Poland

We are here and there promoting all the time wearing reflectives.This time the weather was not good, because Brodnica welcomed us with rain, but it did not prevent us together with the invited Partners and Sponsors to present another bus in the series "Reflectives don't suck".If the bus of course great thanks to the Municipal Business Enterprise, which made the bus available for this uniq...   [more]

REFLECTIVES DON'T SUCK - "evening" bus - Konin / Poland

Launched in December 2016 joint action to promote the wearing of reflectives has continuation.Passengers traveling in the evening with MZK Konin bus marked the slogan "REFLECTIVES DON'T SUCK" to Golina and Kazimierz Biskupi and could be surprised at the sight of police officers and a director and employee of WORD in Konin getting on the bus at the at the railway station bus stop&...   [more]

REFLECTIVES DON'T SUCK - bus presentation - Chojnice / Poland

Once again we visited the Pomeranian province. This time, after city of Slupsk, our action visited Chojnice. And, as usual, its purpose was to promote the wearing of reflectives and thus improve safety on our roads and streets.The most noticeable part of our campaign, was an exceptional bus, whose presentation combined with a press conference held at the Old Market Square in front of City Hall....   [more]
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