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BOTTLE RACE - preparation - Maamoura / Tunisia

Tunisia is associated primarily with the sun and beaches. But my associations are a bit different.It all started exactly one year ago at another project in Barcelona / Spain. 30 participants from 30 different countries and each brought an idea for the project. I talked about our different designs from plastic bottles and above all the Big Bottle Race. This idea was very much liked by several pa...   [more]

THE GREAT BOTTLE RACE 2017 - the race - Bydgoszcz / Poland

Three days of great fun, concerts, performances, shows, songs, rivalry - all during the Jubilee 10th "Your headin on Bydgoszcz".That were weeks of preparation, of course, but it was worth the wait. Great words of appreciation and thanks to the employees of Bydgoszcz City Hall for the final effect.I am very happy that for the 9th time we were part of this great event organizing another Great Bot...   [more]

YOUR HEADING ON BYDGOSZCZ - dragon boats' race - Bydgoszcz / Poland

What is this? 10 people, helmsman and drummer! And to be precise, it's a dragon boat crew. Such is the race that took place today in the "Your heading on Bydgoszcz".The following teams started:- UM Bydgoszcz- Slawek and Friends- Employers of Pomerania and Kujawy- Zawisza CWZS- Uncle Tip Team- Rodzko Development- SzubinAfter a fierce battle, repatriates and semi-finals, the defending champion of...   [more]

THE GREAT BOTTLE RACE 2017 - first trainings - Bydgoszcz / Poland

And it started ...We go to the last straight, because the bIG Bottle Race is already in a week and the highest time to complete training and check how our bottle masterpieces.Besides, it is also a psychological fight element, which always takes place before the start. Surprise your competitors with an unusual solution, discourage and frighten them with your show of power - in a word, gain ...   [more]

ME, MYSELF AND I - Training Course - Puduri / Latvia

„Me, myself & I” is the title of the Training Course which we attended to in Latvia between 11th – 18th July. As the title itself communicates, during the week spent in Latvian forest in a charming place called Puduri and in the capital city – Riga we have been speaking about ourselves – discovering internal selves, our own strong and weak points, motivation… And all f...   [more]

BOTTLE ELEPHANT - from birth to launching - Bydgoszcz / Poland

There was a car, a water monster, a sailboat, a rocket and a Christmas tree and sun loungers along the way ... All of course made of plastic bottles.It was necessary to come up with something original again. At first there was something else, but after a few attempts and changes to the concept we decided to do ... an elephant.This project proved to be quite a challenge, and the construction did...   [more]

II NGO PICNIC - bottle sun loungers - Bydgoszcz / Poland

There were stands of non-governmental organizations, various shows, dances, contests and performances, there was a hat-makers march, there were 11 orchestras and ... we were.This time we showed our next work, that is, sun loungers and plungers made of our favorite material, means plastic bottles. Building something like that is of course a challenge, but fun as well. But also what we call "seco...   [more]

TOGETHER WITH PROFILACTICS FOR HEALTH - Housing Council of Kapusciska fest - Bydgoszcz / Poland

On Sunday, June 4, this time in the Kapuściska Housing Council, a cyclical "Together with Prevention for health" was held, under the theme "Holiday Family Run". The route followed the paths of the forest on Kombatanow and Szpitalna Streets. It was the last edition before the holiday - organizers, however, are already announcing the resumption of racing after the summer break. It was not a...   [more]

BE TOGETHER - Caritas' picnic - Bydgoszcz / Poland

Caritas Diocese of Bydgoszcz once againorganized a family picnic for children and their carers.There were many attractive draws on the stage and many other attractions were waiting outside the stage. The Regional Blood Donor and Blood Donor Center organized a blood donation campaign, "Give a Drop of Love." The fire brigade has prepared rescue demonstrations and a fire engine, its interior and i...   [more]

THE GREAT BOTTLE RACE - qualification - Bydgoszcz / Poland

Boats made from plastic bottles, adhesive tapes and stretch foils, and paddles from plastic trays for cutting vegetables and shovels are just some of the challenges that awaited the daredevil, who competed in The Big Bottle Race, to be held as part of the jubilee X edition of “Your heading to Bydgoszcz". Bobby Burger, SM Budowlani, Amarensi, Charter Land, X Team, Sea Wild, and Interac...   [more]
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