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REFLECTIVES DON'T SUCK - bus presentation - Konin / Poland

Improving safety on the streets and roads is our common goal, no matter where we live, what religion we are and what our political preferences.Konin is not the first city on our "tour" to promote the wearing of reflectives and held under the honorary patronage of the Mayor of Konin Jozef Nowicki.The key to our activities was a bus and had it the disposal of so great kindness of MZK KoninAs in e...   [more]

CHRISTMAS 2016 - sweet collection - Bydgoszcz / Poland

This time it was the "hardcore". First, on the eve of the collection it turned out that we lost all changes in 2 stores in other words there are no helpers to work with us. We moved heaven and earth to find a replacement. We fought until the last minute, and thanks to the great kindness of many people somehow managed to fasten it all. It seemed that it is ok and I went quiet sleep.But it was no...   [more]

GAME OF WELLNESS - training course - Brno (Kaprálův Mlýn) / Czech Republic

When everyone was rushing in a search of Christmas presents, I was feeding my body and mind with important for youth workers information while participating in the Training Course “Game of Wellness” somewhere in the middle of Moravian forest in Czech Republic. The title itself and the project’s description appeared to me particularly interesting as it referred to the concept of ...   [more]

"BOTTLE" CHRISTMAS TREE - ProNatura for inhabitants of Bydgoszcz - Bydgoszcz / Poland

Another year, another Christmass, so we are building again ... "bottled" Christmas tree. But this time, much bigger than last year - more than 7 meters high and nearly 3 m in diameter. We used it for approx. 1,200 plastic bottles.Together with ProNaturawe came to the conclusion that the tree, which stood last year at Blonie appealed to residents and has brought many warm reviews, so we wanted t...   [more]

CARITAS - Safety with Santa Claus - Bydgoszcz / Poland

A year has passed and we again met in the Luczniczka hall on event of "Safety eith Santa Claus" organized by Caritas of the Diocese of Bydgoszczwith great participation and support of the Regional Police Headquarters in BydgoszczSafety is a very capacious concept, and every year the theme is another topic. This time it was the threat of the Internet. The Police prepared a scene showing what can...   [more]

CHRISTMAS GIFTS - sport gadgets auction - Bydgoszcz / Poland

Our collected gadgets will support our campaign to promote the wearing reflectives and allow to produce the next batch of reflective fellows, so that children, youth and adults will be more visible after dark, which means safe.This can be a great Christmas present, but also an expression of support for our activities. All gadgets signed by the teams.So bid it and remember that the REFLECTIVES D...   [more]

REFLECTIVES DON'T SUCK - Indykpol AZS Olsztyn - Olsztyn / Poland

Once again, we visited the capital of Warmia and Mazury - Olsztyn. This time the reason was a match between Indykpol AZS Olsztyn and the current champion Polish Zaks Kedzierzyn Kozle.But it was not a trip, just another edition of our action REFLACTIVES DON'T SUCK, which is to convince children, youth and adults to wear reflectors.I would like to thank the hosts of this match, Indykpol AZS Olszt...   [more]

TOOL FAIR MALTA - international meeting - Malta

Two weeks after coming back from a one year stay In Italy which I passed in the frame of EVS – European Voluntary Service project* I set to sunny (well, in theory) Malta. It was my second Tool Fair meeting – a meeting of trainers and youth workers from European, Balkan and Arabic countries, aiming at presentation and exchange of tools for working with youth. Thie topic of this yea...   [more]

EUROPEAN LOCAL DEMOCRACY WEEK - city game - Bydgoszcz / Poland

What can you buy and to spend as little as possible? How many different stamps can earn over 1.5 hours? Among other things, against such challenges faced divided into a group of students of International School of Bydgoszcz when prepared for them the city game organized during European Local Democracy Week.You do not believe it, but the best team spent 1 penny and the other gathered nearly 100 ...   [more]


Empty wheelchair ... Disabled ...Have you ever wondered what is a challenge for a person in a wheelchair is eg. to overcome the usual curb? What concerns a blind person, who has to go to any office? How to explain the deaf driving directions, eg. to the train station?Do you know how it is? Of course not...On the initiative of Caritas Bydgoszcz there was a meeting among representatives of the Ci...   [more]
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