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ONCE UPON A TIME - Youth Exchange - Marmande / Francja

Not so far as a title suggests because of just yesterday have finished next and succesfully Youth Exchange. Succesfully 'cos it was in our favourite place Marmande, France. This time the subject was very demanding 'cos the target was to built new societe. Very helpful were curios workshops. The participants from France, Portugal and Poland living and working together by 8 days have been...   [more]

GADGETS - snooker ball with signature of Ronnie O'Sullivan for the company db Doradztwo Finansowe - Naklo / Poland

Oryginal snooker ball just have found new owner! Thanks to Mr. Waldemar Książczak from company db Doradztwo Biznesowe in Naklo next 125 kids will receive a book "Safety bicycle". You can help too. Don't wait and don't look around for others.  By clicking GADGETS you can join our action and get curious and unique one. Together we can make Polish roads more sa...   [more]

THE GREAT BOTTLE RACE - The Race - Bydgoszcz / Poland

As usually on summer took place water festival prepared by Department of Promotion, Sport and Touristic of Bydgoszcz's Municipality   And again, this time on 19 of June 2011, we organised The Great Bottle Race. It was AWSOME and all have a great fun. And participants and supporters and audience. And if somebody wasn't there he should regret it! Huge support we received from...   [more]

THE GREAT BOTTLE RACE - first practise - Bydgoszcz / Poland

So, first practise done. Tough prove for boats and theirs crews. And suddenly appears that not everything is the same as they can expected. There was neccesarry to make small improvements in some boats and few participants colled down into ... the water. But everybody survived and with huge hopes are expecting for the race. You've to see it! See you on 19 of June 2011 on Windmill Island in B...   [more]

THE GREAT BOTTLE RACE - a new boat for next bottle race - Bydgoszcz / Poland

A glueing tape, stretch foil, 379 plastic bottles (and only these materials), a little imagination, a little work - or maybe even more then a little and the final effect should be fantastic. It means ... we're preparing for next bottle race. This boat won't participate in the race but will be as a real advertising of it. As the organiser of the race welcome you on June 19 ...   [more]

EASTER 2011 - Report - Bydgoszcz / Poland

Bydgoszcz; 2011-04-28 The President of Bydgoszcz OFFICIAL REPORT On the 16/17 of April 2011 in AS supermarkets on streets: Brzozowa, Leszczynskiego, Nowodworska, Chodkiewicza, Gierczak and Kiermasz Market on Chodkiewicza was placed sweets collection for pupils from Orphanage and children staying in care of hospitias and organizations which look after of poor or unwell children...   [more]

EASTER 2011 - sweets collection - Bydgoszcz / Poland

Using the opportunity of our sweets collection and in cooperation with we've been promoting road safety, especially with the youngest, by giving them some reflective gadgets. But of course the topic was a sweets collection which was in AS supermarkets on streets: Glinki, Brzozowa, Leszczynskiego, Nowodworska, Chodkiewicza, Gierczak and Kiermasz on CHodkiewicza. This time we'v...   [more]

EASTER 2011 - preparation - Bydgoszcz / Poland

So, time running quick and now we can start preparation for next sweet collection which will be on 16 and 17 of April 2001 in AS supermarkets on: Gierczak, Glinki, Brzozowa, Leszczynskiego, Nowodworska, Chodkiewicza and supermarket Kiermasz on Chodkiewicza street.   In cooperation with WORD Bydgoszcz we'll be promote road safety by giving to the children som...   [more]

THE GREAT BOTTLE RACE - preparation - Bydgoszcz / Poland

So, we've started with preparation for the next "bottle" race.   It'll be as a part of annual water festival named "Ster na Bydgoszcz". This time 19 of June 2011 and will start more teams that last time and participation confirmed: Wyborcza Newspaper Pomorska Newspaper TVP Bydgoszcz officials of Bydgoszcz's Municipality students of The Kazimierz Wielki Un...   [more]

BIRTHDAY - 50 years old - Bydgoszcz / Poland

Just a little time for privacy. I've finished ... 50 years old ... you can't believe but it's true. From my group I've received a gift t-shirt. But it's not simply one. It has a "soul" and fantastic sentense: The youngest 50 in the world. I like it very much and I'm very proud of it. And from the way how others see me. Thank you very much. For some of you I've a sentense: Rememb...   [more]
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