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THE REFLECTIVES - visit in The Centre of Weak Hearing and Deaf for Children and Youth - Bydgoszcz / Poland

In 30 of November we visited The Centre of Weak Hearing and Deaf for Children and Youth. The target of it was to present the reflect elements and promote proper behavior on the road. Our first audience was children from primary school. At the beginning we presented our “Magical tube” and it made big impression on children and theirs tutors. Then we showed reflective jackets and bands. And...   [more]

CHRISTMAS 2010 - preparation - Bydgoszcz / Poland

First snow fell down and soon will be Christmas and our next sweets collection for children from Orpan's Houses, Hospitias and Community Centers. All permission have arranged and we can start gain. This time the collecting will be on 4th and 5th of December in AS supermarkets on streets: Glinki, Brzozowa, Leszczynskiego, Nowodworska, Chodkiewicza, Gierczak and in Kiermasz on Chodkiewicza. If...   [more]

TORUN WON - the results of our auction - Bydgoszcz / Poland

Just it've finished the auction of the plates with photos and signatures of all Speedway Grand Prix 2009 drivers. In our action participated fantastic people from Polonia Bydgoszcz Net Fans and Net Fans Speedway Torun. Thanks to them it was possible to bid this competition on theirs websites. More about this action click here. The competition was very stubborn but the last word said Torun and...   [more]

BYDGOSZCZ vs TORUN - auction

Situation on Polish roads is very bad. Can we change it? FOR SURE!Has a human life or safety any price? NO!Can we improve road safety and even save somebody's life? Definitely YES! It's not necesarry to wait for next tragedy. Doing some preventional actions we can change bad behaviour for better one. In this way we can also improve safety on our roads.Let's do it together. And like ...   [more]

EDUCATION FOR SAFETY AND FIRST HELP LEARNING – national conference – Bydgoszcz / Poland

This conference was for representatives of milieu of science, medicine, teachers of all levels, civil servants, local government employees and different companies interested about education for safety and first help learning as a theory but also practical one especially as a educational challenges. And thanks to the organizer Mrs. Basia Boniek we'd an opportunity to present our Magical tube an...   [more]

AUCTIONS - buy gadgets and help others - Bydgoszcz / Poland

Successful! We're starting with AUCTIONS at last. By these few years of our activity we've been collecting gadgets from well-known musicians, artists and sportsmen with their signatures that after selling what could co-fund even in small part our projects and ideas. And some of these gadgets are really unique ones. Anyway see it yourself. Remember that if you'll become the owner of some of th...   [more]


In a small village Etcharry, in Basque Country / south France took place a Training Course which was a part of long term project. There was a participants from France, Serbia, Macedonia, Spain, Ukraine, Moldova, Malta, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine and Poland. By the time of TC we were summarizing what was done and how planes we'll have for the future. Presence of experienced trainers Carhy,...   [more]

CALENDAR - Youth Exchange - Marmande / France

Just we've finished editing of calendar which we worked together on Youth Exchange in July in Marmande, France. It was common and active work of youngsters and leaders participating countries from Lebanon, Macedonia, France and Poland. Photos, describes and pages segmentation, etc. was made in France. Responsibility for graphic designing and printing took Polish team. I was asking for help t...   [more]

VOLLEYBALL - Hubert Wagner tournament - Bydgoszcz / Poland

In 20-22 of August 2010 in Bydgoszcz, in Łuczniczka sports hall took place next Hubert Wagner's tournament. In this one participated teams of Czech, Bulgaria, Brazil and Poland. And it was fantastic opportunity to ask the teams for next gadgets. Successfully? Of course yes! We received a T-shirt signed by the team of Brazil with its star - Giba and a Bydgoszcz's T-shirt signed by Michal...   [more]

LET'S HELP TO THE FLOOD VICTIMS - food and water collecting - Bydgoszcz / Poland

The idea for this action appeared in my head after TV News which showed tragical results of huge and flash flood in Bogatynia and surroundings. There wasn't too much time and it was necceaserry to act very quickly if we wanted to help to people which lost exact everything and stayed without anything to live. In two days I asked many friends and organised all action. The permissi...   [more]
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