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REFLECTIVE MEANS SAFER - "magic" tubes with Police - Torun / Poland

Late last year, started in Toruń action REFLECTIVE MEANS SAFER.It was aimed at improving safety on the roads and streets, mainly by promoting the wearing of the reflectives. And not just among children but also among adolescents and adults.Thanks to the cooperation of many institutions, including Police, Municipal Police, the City Hall and also thanks to the sponsors it was possible ...   [more]

"VISIBLE-SAFE IN BYDGOSZCZ" - night running on Mill Island - Bydgoszcz / Poland

This is another part of the gear organized by Aktywna.Bydgoszcz.pl. This time at midnight on Mill Island gathered approx. 1,000 runners to take part in the Night Run.We are very happy and we have great satisfaction that the organizers invited us to collaborate and together we had a great opportunity to say how important it is to wear the reflectives and being visible, especially after dusk.L...   [more]

REFLECTIVE MEANS SAFER - the bus rides further - Torun / Poland

As you remember at the end of last year we went to Torun streets of action REFLECTIVE MEANS SAFER. Its symbolic image of a unique bus. Unique, because were on the logos of many institutions, companies and sponsors, thanks to which we were able to produce "magical" and reflective tube fellows. Then they were sent, among others, in the hands of the Police, Municipal Police, the City Council ...   [more]

TORUN MUNICIPAL GUARD - reflective means safer - Torun / Poland

Continuing the earlier started a joint project "Reflective means safer" Municipal Guard in Torun in the months of May-June they have used our "magic tube" during the festivities and during the course of preventive - educational named "Secure user the traffic" (classes IV-VI of primaty schools).During these classes they were also handed out our reflective fellows.The pro...   [more]

"VISIBLE-SAFE IN BYDGOSZCZ" - summer welcomed in Myslecinek - Bydgoszcz / Poland

Then the season started. On Sunday on Rozopole in Myslecinek we  welcomed summer.Despite not good weather event organized by gathered crowds of guests.There was a lot of interest, a lot of music, competitions for children and adults. The star of the evening was Agnieszka Chylinska.And for us it was another opportunity to present the "magic" tube and encourag...   [more]

"VISIBLE-SAFE IN BYDGOSZCZ" - night running at Zawisza - Bydgoszcz / Poland

Night running as the name suggests takes place at night. So when it is already dark and when we are poorly visible. Of course this is again our favorite topic, means the reflectives. Apparently it's so obvious, but still need to explain how important it is to be visible in the dark.President of the Kuyavian-Pomeranian Association of Athletics Krzysztof Wolsztynski for the third time o...   [more]

"VISIBLE-SAFE IN BYDGOSZCZ" - bike rally with Galeria Pomorska - Bydgoszcz / Poland

For the seventh time Galeria Pomorska organized a Bicycle Rally The event from year to year is becoming increasingly popular and this year was close to 1,500 participants.Well, and where bikes, there is also safety. And for that matter, it could not miss the reflectives and us.Together with Galeria Pomorska we are partners of the project "Visible - safe in Bydgoszcz...   [more]

THE GREAT BOTTLE RACE 2015 - The Race - Bydgoszcz / Poland

For the eighth time held in Bydgoszcz 3-day event "Your heading Bydgoszcz". It already inscribed on a permanent basis, not only in Bydgoszcz landscape. Plenty of activities for children, youth and adults, concerts, contests, fun - took care of it all organized by Bydgoszcz City Hall. We are associated with this event almost from the very beginning and this year for the seventh t...   [more]

THE GREAT BOTTLE RACE 2015 - "the coolest" boat competition - Bydgoszcz / Poland

For the first time in 7-year history of the Great Bottle Race we organized an online competition for the "coolest" boat. Vote for the boat - click here Over the next week all Referring teams will present their unique designs and convince us that their vote was cast on their team.For each of them we have prepared a special fanpages dedicated to this competition. About what and h...   [more]

THE GREAT BOTTLE RACE 2015 - the practises - Bydgoszcz / Poland

Thirteenth does not have to be bad luck.That day was a mandatory technical briefing and water training for all teams competing in the Great Bottle Race.And like every year, teams surprise us with their ideas and realization. And not only us. The teams made last details and look what was prepared by the competitors. Well - human ingenuity knows no bounds.We show only a f...   [more]
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